Wtb vesc 15 characters

Have about 200 250 buks want something reliable or at least decent and in working order hmu if u have anything laying around I build batteries as well and have. Multiple 12s batteries for sale or trade

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what’s yo location

Pa birdsboro


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For those who have no clue where this is, it is in:

Pennsylvania, United States


pennsylvania more like

pencil mania

aight imma see myself out :wave:


Pa lol it’s only state in us with pa abbreviation

We are on an intenational forum with dozen of different countries. I don’t think most know what to do with the simple info “Pa”

but enough of that, let’s get you some vescs


Ok I’ll b more explanatory from
Now on

We’re u at btw u want anything

I was assuming this whole time it was pa, Antarctica

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Someone didn’t kno wat pa meant

Yeah, because this is an international forum on an international network :crazy_face:

I assume country is Antarctica until told otherwise, because it has the lowest false positive frequency and shipping will nearly always be cheaper.


Well ur wrong lol Pennsylvania it’s a state in the United States right above New Jersey and under New York we have the worst roads in the country and everybody heres an asshole

Tempting :joy:


this Lnchbox2022 guy is a monkey :monkey: avoid


Better listen to Jesus boys. :pray:

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Yeah listen to the guy he has no clue who I am or wat I can do ur loss lol plenty of other places to sell shit online

He’s jus upset Because I told him I was going to nail him to a cross

Some of whatever you’re smoking please

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