[WTB] [USA-WI] Flux, Kaly, Trampa, or similar Deck + Enclosure

I’ve been looking at my options for a mountainboard deck to build up with an underside enclosure, and figured I’d see what you guys have.

Ideally I’d be able to find a fluxmotion or Kaly deck with the enclosure, but I’ve also been considering the tomiboi deathwish, Haero bro, or Trampa decks along with the enclosures that eboardsperu makes for em. Everythings so expensive new tho.

If you have one of these decks or something similar that you’d be willing to sell, let me know!

Also, I would love to hear your guys experience with these decks, as I haven’t been able to choose the best out of these.

It’s my first time posting, please let me know if I was supposed to format it differently or something like that. Thanks

Your best bet

Is mr @Taraskasyanyuk

Best option for you. With battery and it’s a crazy deal for really good stuff.


Yeah, I saw that post. It’s actually what made me start looking at that deck, lol. The problem is that I’ve already bought the batteries for the build, (found some absurdly cheap 18650 cells) and I don’t think he wants to sell just the deck + enclosure.

I’d prefer to keep it together. If I do separate it, I’d have to keep the deck/enclosure combo close to MSRP price or whatever. Like $50 less than it.

Don’t know if you want that though.

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I can give you a good deal on a trampa deck, motors, and Esc’s as a bundle!

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Also, if you don’t get anything done with the legends above and their fine wares, I have an alternative option I’d part with. It’s an MBS comp 95 deck with e boards enclosure. Both new; well I goofed around with the deck setup in analog mode for like an hour. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll leave this here as an option should you care to explore further.
But seriously, you should think about @Taraskasyanyuk’s setup or @KaramQ’s deal. Both closer as I’m in Canada. Shipping to you guys ain’t so bad, but damn heading here shipping is a killer.
Good luck!