[WTB - USA] 2x - Focbox (v1.7), VESC 6 or ESCapes

Looking for dual escs for my board since my vesc 6 connect fell through :frowning:

No 4.xx vescs other than the Focboxes please, this has to be a sturdy and durable setup for 12s and high amps

If you’ve got a cooling plate / mounting bracket to sell as well, that would be cash money

Living in the 10605, so let me know if you’re local or far away in your post / PM

Thank you :slight_smile:

Bumpooooooo please sell me your vescs :joy:

I got you

If you do get hold of dual focboxes, I have a 3DServisas focbox heatsink box if you are keen.

Mine have the 3d servicas case. Love it but it’s way to thick

Yea, the box is meant for topmounting on an EMTB most of the time. Inside an enclosure would be too tight of a fit

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I couldn’t find a good way to mount on my board, way too rugged and I want it enclosed since there are holes which water can get in from.

Thanks, but I ended up getting two of the Maytech 6.6 vescs.

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