[WTB - US] Tayto/Spud deck

Looking to buy a short board to travel to school with and strap on my backpack during the day. (30”-35” max)

I like the looks of the Omakase from loaded, but they are a little bit more than I would like to spend for a short board, but at the same time, I don’t want to get too excited over a new build and regret choosing a used 5$ board I found local, and then have it rot and splinter on me.

Wanted ta know if any of ya parts goblins have got any nice helpless boards collecting dust that you might be willing to part with in such times, if so, lemme know! :eyes:

Lookin for a nice hearty wood deck that’s got some strength in it, and… a tail would be nice but not necessary : )
Anything else character wise is fair game,

Thanks for your time! -Rob


If you could find a used tayto or spud you would be in great shape. Maybe you could get @KaramQ to part with just his spud if it has not sold yet.

I also really enjoyed the coyote deck from loaded.

If you want something super cheap, just grab something from skateshred, I have had great luck with like 5 boards from them.


@Chibatterysystems @Taraskasyanyuk :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:
Can we help this Chicago gentleman Out :call_me_hand:


I have this 31.5" deck thats a bit old and beat up, but does have nearly new enclosures I’m not using. Not sure what shipping would be but $40+ship?


Got a Zenit AB Maze 33" double drop deck I’m not using.
Too old to push :joy:


Earthwing team 33 with sticker bomb by me and epoxy and frit by sender.
It has an enclosure for 12s2p.

I’d probably let it go

Ohh yeah the spud looks nice, I’ll look into it and reach out to karma and see what he’s plannin with it, thanks!

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I like the length of the deck, the enclosure for the battery might be a little small though, I’m probably goin with lifepo4 for longevity so I might be cramped for space. Awesome offer, btw.

How many cells did u get in there?

The Frit, epoxy and 12s2p enclosure sounds rlly nice.
I might need to hide the FUCKPUSKING sticker from some more… fragile eyes…,
But color me interested if the enclosure is a good size, got any pictures of it?

Edit: I’ll just pm ya : D

It’s been painted an olive green.

As you can see the enclosure doesn’t leave much room for belt drive unless you go forward mounted front wheel drive.
This would be best with hubs or direct drive.
Or just a different enclosure.

There’s also a heat sink integrated into the enclosure

It was a 10S2P 18650. Can fit 12S2P 18650 with a small enough BMS. But yeah, not large.

It looks so nice!
Just got two questions,
Do u remember how thick those risers are?
And would a gear drive setup clear? Looking to pick up one of the boardnamics m1s eventually. (Maybe rear truck, back mounted tail side :crazy_face:)

If you don’t mind your drives being under the kicktail you can definitely fit Gear Drive in there.
Pretty sure I just had a Riptide tunnel riser in the rear.
I sent you a link to the build thread if you want to dig through it lol

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Doin so right now :popcorn:
Gotta love readin a good build thread every once a while

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My build threads are like 80% shitposting lol

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Thx nacho, if those guys have got anything spare I wouldn’t mind saving on shipping ; )

Probably will do business with Chibatterysystems either way, mans got a whole battery building shop for gods sake :exploding_head:


Hey Rob!! Anything you need, we got you! If you need a workshop feel free to come by and hang :slight_smile:


Ayyyy awesome!
You got shop hours and location on your website or na? Might needa pop in some day for sure