[WTB - US - Portland, OR] Repair/Build a Battery, Lacroix Prototipo (Found somebody)

EDIT: Not sure proper steps for the thread itself, but I did find somebody, Mario is going to help out. I greatly appreciate all the recommendations and offers, thanks all!

Hey All, I have one of the first round Lacroix Prototipo boards, and just a few weeks ago I found my battery is dead. I was in contact with their support and looked ‘under the hood’ at the voltage and seems my battery voltages are all over the place so not much can be done with what’s in there.

He put me in touch with a local builder (Portland, OR area) but I don’t think they do it anymore or are too busy, I don’t want to stalk them too much (sent a message here, also) and am now looking at the larger community to figure out what my options are.

I don’t have experience building it myself and not too interested in a lot of DIY work in general. I would like to find somebody in the area I could pay to go over a few things like build a new battery, maybe update the two FocBox’s in there, etc … . All the other stuff is still great (deck, motors, etc … ) so I just don’t want to say “it’s dead” and get rid of it, would love to see what my options are in repairing it and getting it back in action.

Quick notes:
Longest it went without riding was about 5-6 months (Oregon winter), but checked battery routinely (had it since 2019)
Rode it just fine about 3 weeks prior to seeing the issue (happened about 3 months ago)

Also Moderators, not sure if this is the best place to post? I looked at the vendors forums and such but wasn’t sure “what” I really want to buy, since the enclosure is already set and such, wasn’t sure what the specifics would be.



If you are willing to send me your enclosure and battery, I can take a look at it and see what’s up. If you are sure the battery is dead I can build you a new one, you can put down a deposit here

Would still need your enclosure, battery fitment is a bit tricky with protos

@TheBoardGarage also had done a few proto packs and his work is top notch

I’m sure other have too, but I always see Mario doing them :sweat_smile:


I can vouch for @Skyart . He has solid work and is a great guy.

OP, I messaged you and said I could help you, that would be alongside Skyart and he would be building the battery for me.

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OK, awesome. I will look at the page and DM Skyart, thanks you two!


@TheBoardGarage is the prototipo guy lately :sunglasses:


Thanks, just noticed he had a video specifically for the board, too, that’s cool!


You can’t go wrong with either @TheBoardGarage or @Skyart to hook you up. If for some reason those don’t work out, @JoeyZ5 is also a great option.


Does that mean I’m in 3rd place Billington? :joy:


Not sure what you mean.

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That’s me :sweat_smile:

I’m really sorry I haven’t responded to your messages yet, we are up against a production deadline at Hoyt and have been super slammed. I’m way behind on all my emails and messages, I’m going to try to get through them all today or Monday.

If you want to go with another builder, you can’t go wrong with @TheBoardGarage, @A13XR3, or @Skyart. They all do excellent work, and Mario specifically has a lot of experience with Prototipos.

Between the four of us I’m sure we will get you sorted out :metal:


Hah, hey man, no worries! I think it’s awesome you’re all working together, I remember following Hoyt back when they first started making those glorious boards, as well as D.Robot and his fancy controllers. It was awesome to see some folks local since it’s such a small hobby people are spread out.

I didn’t want to get too stalker-y! But I’ve been discussing with Mario and the others, think Mario is going to be able to do it for me, so I appreciate you looking out.



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It’s a safe bet :wink:


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