WTB (US) High Kv motors

Looking for a couple high Kv (around 240-ish) motors, willing to trade some 170kvs or buy them. Danke.


Am patiently waiting for @Tony_Stark for his pre orders, there’s gonna be 245kvs as an option if i saw correctly.


I saw turnigy does 245kv as well but they appear to be sensorlesssss =/

That’s what HFI is for

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Or buy this

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Yeah what is that, HFI? I would totally do that but idk wgere ti start in terms of reading up on using it. Feel free to direct me :sweat_smile:

HFI uses a high frequency to detect the rotor position and give you good startup torque. works pretty good, just sometimes you go backwards instead of forwards.

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Hmmm ill def be checking into this ty :blush: