WTB (US) Boardnamics M1 Drive Bergmeister adapters

Spoke with Kevin and there aren’t many of these floating around in the world, but nonetheless I’d like to get my hands on a pair.


You and me both.


How many people want a set? If we get enough interest maybe we can organise a production run.

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I might could use a set. Depends. Gotta see exactly how shitty the clearance would be on em with the lil Hoyt tires.

What’s a set worth? Or what’s two sets worth? :joy:


I heard there’s a rumor that @Boardnamics Might be making straight cuts 3.0
@poastoast can you confirm this😎

Not morth much at all, probably $3.50, dibs on one set of your polished drives though if your parting

I cant confirm… but they’ll be for AT drives if so

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Didn’t the adaptors just screw onto the existing drive gear?

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Yes, the adapter just screws onto the output gear on the M1 drive.

He had them at $15 each on the site, so I reckon unobtanium status makes em a little more expensive than that.

i want

no moni
but want

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So I bought 20 of these (10 sets) from Kevin. I’d like to know if anyone is interested in them with 10mm bearings pressed into them instead of 8mm so that I can get them that way.

Cost is going to work out to $40/pair + shipping for anyone interested.\

I’ll post here once they arrive, and obviously there is already one set claimed :wink: