[WTB] [US] Bergmeister Tires

Anyone have any bergmeister tires for sale? Will buy up to 10


I have lots of tires but no tubes…

Trade you two tires for two tubes. :joy:

Dunno if this still stands, but I guess there’s only one way to find out right?


Got 6 tubes and 3 tires left.

Also have some 36t abec pulleys with bearings from haggy.

Trade you two 6x2s and tubes. :joy:

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Sold the circuit board so no more 6" tires needed unfortunately

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Well, if Chris sleeps too long I’d buy yours for the kid.

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if you really want them you can have them, I was able to buy 12 tires/13 tubes :stuck_out_tongue: so I don’t want to be greedy

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It would be helpful, thanks. The kid is down to two spares and wearing out the ones on her board. I’ve got 6x2 for her but would rather not increase her top speed.

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they’re all yours

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