WTB, US. Belt pure nickel for 21700

Anyone has some of these type of nickel? Or wide ones for a double stacked 21700. 0.15mm thicj will be fine, but 0.2 mm preferred.

Needs to be pure.

Don’t wanna wait shipping from china. My last order from China took two months… Done with the covid shipping…

Let me know what you got thanks!

I have some but I am afraid just as far away as china…

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damn. yeah, probably take as long, hopefully someone in US have some to spare.

If you are not in a rush, I’d recommend NKON.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I kind of need it quick, trying to get the board running as soon as I can.

nkon stopped shipping to the USA.

Did they start shipping here again?

They ship non-batteries!

How much do you need?

7ft long.
12s4p 40T pack.

@ArtSk8 How tight are you currently on the .15 nickel?

Anyone? Still looking for some…

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