[WTB][US] Anti spark switch, VESC 6, Metr

Anyone in the States have a used anti spark switch?
There’s an arcing sound somewhere when I turn my board on. I suspect the FOCBOX or the anti spark switch. I haven’t checked if it’s the ESC or switch yet, but will when I get off work.

I’m just kinda gauging what anyone has right now. If it’s the ESC then I don’t need a switch. I hope it’s just the ESC because I still have an old VESC 4.2 I can use for now, but a new VESC 6 would be nice.
Also, I’d like to buy a Metr off someone if you’re willing to sell it.

@ZachTetra @surfnacho Thanks for the offers, but it turns out I don’t need either thing. ESC and switch are fine. The arcing was coming from a damaged fuse/fuse holder. However, I could still use a Metr for anyone else seeing this.