WTB [US] 12s2p P42A SS pack

Just purchased a couple parts for my future Campus Cruiser build, soon I’ll need a battery to fit my Mboards enclosure.

This is a spare parts/low cost/light weight build designed to get me around campus while being cool AF.

Curious what’s out there, new or used. Willing to wait.

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Category needs a refresh to “parts wanted”

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This is going to sound really really weird, but MBoards has some nice looking 12s2p p42a batteries for just over 300 bucks. They even include charge port, BMS, and xt-60 for discharge

they are NOT capable of 90 amps though. Only 2p obviously. I’d say 50 to 60 amps cont max


Their claim of 90 amp continuous discharge was a bit of a red flag but, I’d only need the pack to do 60a so :person_shrugging:

Their price isn’t bad but I’m sure I’ve seen used packs on here for half as much. So, Im using them as a baseline to compare to what may be available here.

Ya I need to talk to mike about that because someone on reddit tried to run one of those packs at 90a and was confused when he opened his enclosure to burning smell

I told him it wasn’t good for nearly that much and he was like whAt?

Anyways, he must have been cooking his cells.

Yeah good luck with your search. Lowest I’d personally build a new p42a one for is 300 right now


10s5p for $100

This came out of a metro board….I have the metro board deck too, take both for $350 shipped

But its kind of large, not sure it will fit your enclosure


This is a great deal @Skyart but the 32" old school pig deck I’m using only has a 17" wheel base. This MIGHT fit my enclosure with space for nothing else.

Wish I had a need for your awesome deal but sadly that battery pack would just collect dust under my possession.


:eyes::eyes: I need to find an enclosure for this so I can make another ebike for the wife and bebe.

Mboards cheap one is so close but barely not wide enough @ only 6.3" wide.


Shoot bro, litteraly just sold :face_with_spiral_eyes:


That’s fine, she has legs :grin:

Congrats man, keep me in mind if you have any similar sales coming out of your esk8 dungeon