[WTB] [US] 10s2p batteries on commission

I am getting into the business of building and selling electrics boards locally; since I lack the tools to make proper batteries, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in selling several of them to me now and then.

I am looking for 10s2p packs with bypassed BMS that fit in 120mm by 157mm by 40mm enclosures, no charge port. I am not particular about cells, anything with at least 10A discharge and 2500mAh capacity will do.

I’m looking for $160 shipped for 2x. I know that’s really low but I’m trying to make good boards from new part for $320.



I could use a cheap 10s2p battery too. Lol

For both batteries?? Or just one?

Thats a crazy low price

BKB still having a sale?

I need a meepoop battery

For 2, around $75 per pack and $10 to ship both…I know that’s crazy low but selling boards to people who’ve never ridden is hard. Best I can reliably do is $350 per board in parts alone and they want them for $270

If I had a welder then I could do it for that price: $50 for 20 cheap cells, $10 for a bypass BMS, $5 for thin nickel/heat shrink/wires/connectors

let natural selection do its job :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


If you can wait a little bit I might be able to give you a deal on my spot welder.


If they don’t want it, I do!

I like you. You are funny. 75 dollar for a 10s2p incl charge only bms.

You know work hours are not free?

You had a good calculation. But 65dollar and then 10dollar for the work? That is really not much.


People do not realize the time a good build requires.
As soon as you build a pack you will @ZachTetra


Quality packs take much time. If I would build pack like Chinees companys without fishpaper and don’t care much about balance leads. I can build almost 3 packs in the time I build now 1


Hey man, I’m hurting for customers…I make like $50 on these and I need to fund a $1400 project with them

Doesn’t sound like you’re “making” any money if it takes you any longer than an hour to make each board. Maybe a learning experience…

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To be fair I don’t think you can make much money on making low end boards. People would rather spend about 100$ more to get something less shoddy like Ownboard / Meepo / Wowgo, with much better batteries and nice ESC and remote, and easy to find replacement parts.

If you to earn the money, consider maybe finding a proper non-esk8 job, and you will be able to get that sum a lot quicker.

If you still want to try building, consider using a 10S lipo, or 2x 5S ones in series with a BMS. You can probably get them for your budget or very close to it, and they should fit in the case. Although they are a bit more dangerous to use.

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I’m trying to get a summer job, but it’s hard. At the very least my parents support the entrepreneurial spirit which means more freedom with the hobby

These boards won’t take very long since it will be basically a kit boards, and I will have a lot of free time over the summer

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Making someone a complete board is a really big thing. Even with the best parts things can go wrong and you will be liable. Perhaps even for killing someone. Making someone a board out of the cheapest and crapiest parts you can find is just downright stupid.
Just stop and think about what you are doing.
Perhaps try and consider what you could make or buy from China that you could help people make their own board and make money that way?


If you want I have a 10s2p from a old backfire laying around. You can have it for 40bucks


If you still decide to go ahead, these seem to be your best options for decent new batteries:

2x5S 3Ah for 36$ https://hobbyking.com/en_us/zippy-flightmax-3000mah-5s1p-20c-lipo-pack-w-xt60.html?wrh_pdp=3

2x5S 4Ah for 80$ https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-4000mah-5s-30c-lipo-pack-xt-60.html

You will still need a BMS for them, and maybe extra padding. Double check that they would fit as well.

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I ride the same parts as my daily build, it’s just an ownboard without the name brand. Not spectacular but they also are not that fast. Fused ports and hard speed caps. I really don’t want people to be hurt so I’m making boards I would ride without question