(WTB) (UK, NL or EU) battery reshipping service to Iceland

I have one 10s5p battery for Iceland, but I have no way to send it there. I am looking for someone to reship this battery. I am willing to pay 15eur for this service, all you have to do is make sure that you can ship battery there, receive battery, change label and ship it to Iceland. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at different companys. The only one who sends to iceland so far is DHL. but depending on the size and weight its about 30€+. UPS sends there too but the site won’t function properly.

I got my LaSag’ne through DHL to Iceland so they definitely ship

Just to make it clear.
You are willing to pay 15€ for the service + shipping cost to Iceland or 15€ all inclusive?
Because if it is the latter, I doubt you will find such a price.

I guess you answered your own question eh :smiley:

15 eur just for service. I will pay shipping to guy who will help, and from him to Iceland.

@xsynatic could you check if they will ship batteries too? DHL in Croatia told me that they can not ship.

@Grozniy where did you ship from and what was price for shipping?

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From Canada. It was 400$

that’s insanely high price just for shipping!

That’s for full board… Plus taxes but that’s another story :joy:

that makes more sense :grin: