WTB (UK/EU/WW) Kaly 2.0 helical motor gear 10t

Hello everyone,

I have purchased an old kaly 2.0, as per description, I am looking to buy a set of motor pinions,

I have been trying to redesign them with fusion to have them cnc’d but assuming that I manage to get the geometry spot on (which I believe I did) 2 pinions could cost 350£.

Anyone has some for sale, or know if they are compatible with an existing one, maybe trampa or any other gear drive?


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get a CNC Quote from PCBWay. ive found them to be a lot cheaper then local options.

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That is a very cool advice for other projects too, but I’d still have to do lots of testing by 3d printing them before sending it in production,

Possibly Matt Balster on the southwest esk8 group may have some?

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Thanks Ben,

You reckon I can message him on Facebook without looking too sinister? :joy:

I’ll send him a message. :ok_hand:

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He might have something.
Track him down on Facebook. If you have trouble give me a shout.

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