(WTB UK/EU) Longboard deck

Looking to buy a cruiser/carver longboard deck for analogue use.
No idea about them yet so about to work out what I want from it. Haven’t decided a budget yet either, but I’m a beginner, so nothing too pricey!
I’m approx 90kg and 6’2"

Let me know if you have one laying about that you want rid of, and any relevant specs.

I’m in the UK, so would prefer a local deck, but could be tempted by the right board in Europe.

I don’t know how much it would be to ship to uk but i have this deck i’m willing to sell, feel free to contact me for infos!

That does look like a beauty of a deck. But after initial searches, I’ve got my heart set (for now) on the Loaded Omokase

Or something similar.

I want something relatively compact, but not too short wheelbase.

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I have a loaded vanguard laying around if that interests you. I’m in the UK

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Do you know how long your deck is? And how much you might want for it?
Edit: Flex rating and a photo of top n bottom would be good too :+1:

Just reading up on reviews now :wink:

I think he has a long one, not sure if it flexes a lot though :grin: @Brenternet do you have a long one? And does it flex? :grinning:

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haha, I read my first question in a south african accent as I wrote it…
(have you seen that South African joke advert for deck sealant? google it if not)

But yeah, I think a 42" stiffy could work for me.

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Very funny video idd :grinning:
Have you checked sickboards.nl?

Just had a quick look. Some nice decks, but not quite what I’m after (Dont want to spend too much on parts till I know it’s something I’m into). Except the blank deck 2nds, which i could be interested in. Will wait n see what Brent has to offer :+1:

He has a 42"

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How many personal assistants does @Brenternet have? :joy:

Thanks @moon

Just need a flex rating, image and price now :slight_smile:


He is 88kg


I think you mean New Zealand?

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Oh yeah, but I still think he sounds more South African than New Zealand…

Anyway, derailed myself…

Can you give me some more info on your deck please. I was looking at pictures of it all night lastnight, even saw it in a couple of videos. Quite a few people have had good experiences on a deck like yours.
:rofl: :rofl:

So @Brenternet, what is the length, flex, condition, age and price of your beautiful deck?

Its 42 inch, flex 2, used but serviceable and cheap for people who don’t call me a New Zealander.

You let me know if you find anyone like that :sweat_smile:

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Bugger, whoops! C’monnnnn!

Are you actually Sith Ifrican then?

Give us a price then buddy ol’ pal, there’s a good chap. :laughing:
But yeah, you’ve got my attention now. I was looking for something with kicktail, but I’m new to longboard (and skateboard), so am tempted to start with a decent flat deck to learn on…

I’d call the vanguard “harder” to ride than say a drop through deck. If you’re after a learning board it’s better to be closer to the ground for most people. The vanguard is like a bouncy pump board.

£50 plus shipping if you want to try it out

Looks a bit like this. :grin:

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Sweet, that is a good price and I will likely take it. If it doesn’t work for me, I’ll sell it on for the same price :slight_smile:
I’ve got a snowboarding background, so I feel I will have a slight head-start over a total novice.

When you get a mo, a couple of photos of the deck for sale, to check condition, would be good :+1:

After that, I’ll drop you a pm to make arrangements…

That’s his deck. I’m another assistant.