WTB (UK) 10mm D-shaft motor pulleys

Seems I done screwed up and ordered awkward motors from flipsky, then forgot the motor pulleys! Don’t suppose anyone has 2 spare 10mm D shaft motor pulleys they can spare if possible please?

I’m going to order some of aliexpress but don’t want our build held up another x amount of weeks



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Suggest you bite the bullet and order straight from Flipsky. The shipping speed will be significant in my experience.

-The 10mm D-type shaft weirdo.

Cheers, I have just done so but still after some of anyone happens to be local. Even if it’s only temp until my new ones turn up.

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If you’re state side u can get 'em here.

I’m in the UK. It turns out I’m not a complete fool and ordered the motors with them included.
It’s our first build I’m sure it’s not the first mistake I will have made!

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BTW I’ve used 10mm with round and screws and never had problems and @dickyho ebay shop is my goto for replacements to UK

Cheers man, I’ve just ordered some different tooth combinations from your link.

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I’d grab some belts while your at it

How do I know what size belts I will need please?

I bought them from dickyho, they are of decent quality but doesn’t spin perfectly true, maybe some shimming could correct that, but is minor so I didn’t bother.

Shipping was 8/10 days of I remember.

If you need dome temporary ones I am based in Stratford area

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You’ll need a few pieces of info. First, the distance from center to center of your motor mounts. Second, you’ll need the number of teeth in your two pulleys.

If you haven’t sorted out your gearing yet, you won’t be able to arrive at needed belt length.

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Thanks mate, I’ve got some that came with the motors to get me going.
Appreciate the offer.

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