wtb: Trampa wand pistol grip/trigger (or full remote)


I was just told by a trampa rep that the pistol grip/trigger for their remote unfortunately was discontinued.

So uh…if anyone bought one and isn’t a fan of it, I would gladly take if off you!
Buying it new would cost 25 pounds/30 euro/34 USD, which I would gladly pay for it.

Shipping would be to Austria, but obviously I’d pay for it.

If you have a full remote to sell with these parts on it, I’d be open as well!




hätte eine unbenutze (1x zum testen verbundene) Wand inklusive Pistol Grip und Trigger hier.

Der Pistol Grip fühlt sich echt gut an, aber der große Trigger gefällt mir persönlich garnicht bzw. passt nicht wirklich zum Grip (kann aber auch an meinen kleinen Händen liegen).

Kannst dich gerne melden wenn du es probieren willst.


Google translate

had an unused (1x connected for testing) wall including pistol grip and trigger here.
The pistol grip feels really good, but I personally don’t like the big trigger at all or it doesn’t really suit the grip (but it can also be because of my small hands).
Feel free to let me know if you want to try it.

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Thanks for translating!

Thought its easier to write in German since we both speak German