WTB: Trampa Truck / Five-star Hub Gear drive with >5:1 gearing

What are my options here? Something under $500 if possible. With sealed motors can add $200.
I’d somebody has a set of gears I can work with that’s great too :slight_smile:

Current setup is tramps trucks, torque board mounts. mbs 5star with 9" Roadies. 16:72 gearing, maytech 6374 open can

Problems include belt skips and open motors loath dust in off-road conditions

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Yup. Calibre mounts fit Trampa trucks :man_shrugging:
Edit, no the don’t.
Apparently. I mean I bought then this way. But near as I can tell the mounts are just calibre mounts b torque boards


Iirc, TB made trampa mounts some time ago but discontinued them.


Ah that makes sense

Lemme change to : WTS UNOBTAINIUM MOUNTS $700 will trade for rtx 3080 or gear drive


Somebody watched the release event :wink:

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I want the 3080 so bad. Soooooo much power for what is basically very little cost compared to others

Hey dude

How are you getting on with those open can motors on your off-road setup? I’ve just fitted a pair to an eMTB and wonder how they will hold up (they certainly scream too at a certain rpm which is pleasing)

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I’m not happy at all. The dust has caused one of them to generate an incredible whine. Probably just blow it out with air but still.

My gearing is also fucked.im at a top speed of like 45 mph on the calculator so there’s very little Torque and everything gets hot as hell

On road the are amazing but off-road, means lots of dust and debris


Still less vram than a 1080ti :rofl:

They do look pretty sexy on paper tho.

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Wish you were in EU :smiley: got a big etoxx drive not beeing used with the truck and all. rip

Oooh how much do You think shipping is?
Shipping this direction isn’t too bad usually

It’s weird as I just swapped out sealed can maytechs for these open can bros and these run 30 degrees cooler.

They already whine though, sounds good to me actually. I wonder how they will hold up, sounds like quite badly :sweat_smile:


I think I’m going to hang onto mine for one more generation.

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I mean I have over a thousand road miles on these easy. But that’s dry road

They hold up great as long as you treat em right lol

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Thanks for the info bro :call_me_hand:

I have no idea, can check I guess

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The open can Maytech motors like to whine, its also depended on how you drive them. Something to do with lower switching frequencies. A friend has a pair that whine like crazy but he has ridden them for more than 3k km and they still work fine.