WTB - top mount enclosure for fsesc 6.6 dual

Anyone got any suggestions for this? Want to top mount everything on my eMTB I have a case that fits my batteries but looking for something that can either fit my 10s10p plus the ESC or something that I can mount my ESC in, on the rear of my board and run cables to my battery box. Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You could probably make a heatsink from a piece of aluminum and then have someone 3d print you a box/lid to cover it.

I hear you, basicly get a rectangular piece of aluminum and drill holes for mounting, then 3d print a cover. Cool. Thank you!

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First thing that came to mind. I think ive seen people find a few random aluminum cases online that just happen to fit but unsure of where or for what esc


Maybe a 1590xx guitar case? Apparently, 2 cheapfocers fit nicely into one

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Dimensions look right! I’m going to try it!

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Please post a results photo!!

Will do!

I ordered 2 of them, shipping might take a minute tho

I have one of these on the back tip of my MTB. A bit big in terms of height so maybe you can find something smaller. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BCEAKCU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Oh! That’s not a bad option!

Got a pic?



Hey where did you get that chain drive set up? Do you like it? I’ve already ruined 2 belts in 2 months on my mtb

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I love the chain drive I have, great piece of kit. Got it from overion.fr only thing I don’t like is needing to get it shipped to USA from France. Not too bad of a wait though.

Great way to do chain drive if you’re not interested in making your own sprockets and mounts and shit. Just gotta b careful witht he large sprockets becasue you can bang the chain on bumps if you’re not careful. Then your links get messed up and you will have to bend them back. Not a big issue, just avoid the 40+ tooth count wheel sprockets.

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Could anyone recommend a top mount rear esc case? I currently have an elephant case el008 but the width (7”) is just slightly too long to fit on my kaly deck with Trampa open belt drive.

The pelican case 1040 was almost perfect but everything was just barely too tight of a fit inside of it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks much!!

Go up a size on the 1040… I got sum of the slightly bigger ones and they have a Lil more space… Plus pull the rubber liner out… Just cut the rim off with a blade and it’ll still seal shut too :wink:

Yup already ordered the 1060 thanks for the suggestion!

Our beloved chocolatier @WilliWonka has designed a great dual fsesc enclosure.

The stl is on thingyverse

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