[WTB] TB 110mm oder ABEC11 107mm

Sup guys, I’m looking for either some TB 110mm or some ABEC11 Superflys 107mm, all in BLACK. Preferably from the EU, as shipping from the US is rather expensive. I’m located in Germany btw. Used one are fine, as long as they aren’t falling apart or missing 10mm from drinving them like 3000km. :slight_smile:


I have some black TB110 78A in USA, aber I’ll wait and see if any EU peeps chime in.

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If you haven’t had the chance ride both, suggest you only get the 110s. My 107s haven’t seen the road since I got my sets of 110s. And kegel>ABEC.

Cheers and good searching.


Why? Any other reasons than personal preference?

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Thanks, now the waiting game begins :smile:

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TB110 feels more plush than ABEC107…the only people who say otherwise have hard ones for ABEC apparently. The urethane is higher quality and the kegel core is significantly smaller than the ABEC core so there’s actually a lot more wheel


They chunked significantly within the first ten rides. My 100s, with 10x the mileage, still look great.

But the ride feel for me was the big decider. The 107s are dead and stiff over obstacles. The 110s are much more comfy and responsive.

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While i like the Kegel core more too, we’re certainly in the minority. Apart from that, I can’t see to much difference between the two, then again, coming from pneumies everything feels harder.

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Sounds more like different hardness to me? But truth be told, I like the TB110 more too. But it seems like ABEC 107s are a little bit easier to get here in the EU.

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The 107s are 74A while the 110s are 78A. (I also have blue 74A 110s.)

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Idk how you people find the harder wheels to be more comfy, but I’m not questioning it. :rofl:

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Formula matters more than numbers. And as Zach says above, there’s more urethane in a kegel-core wheel.

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If used falls through


I feel no different between 110 to 107 abec wheels because the 120 cloudwheels are my favorite. this wheels make the street clean. the best looking I think is abec11

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Bump. Nobody with some big urethane in the EU?

Duro is tested be machines not a mathematical number calculated by Theary.

Thay may feel softer because of other factors doesn’t mean thay are.

If yours chunked with in the first 10 rides then it sounds as tho you got a bad batch and this is a mutch more likly reason for your opinion because there is a lot of people who didn’t have that issue. at 10 rides you still braking them in so you wouldn’t be a real representation of there potential.

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You’re assuming I stopped riding them when they chunked. I didn’t. Only shelved once the 110s arrived.

I’m glad you like the 107s, but you’re in the vast minority if you think they are as good as 110s.

I fined them to big mutch prefer a 80-85mm wheel I haven’t really stick with any thing that big and a lot of downhill long-boarders agree with me. I’m not sure why the eSkate are so in to bigger diameter is better when the science shows a wider contact patch is mathematically better.

Then you can go in to round edge vs sharp, even the countersink in the side, symmetrical a symmetrical. all have a mager effect on the feel of the wheel. You even get people lathing the urahane to change the feel.

The main issue with 110 is that cost $200 by the time you get them over hear you personally wouldn’t pay for the extra for the trampa VESC 6 over the flipsky when there a huge veration in quality reliability and ride feel with a smaller price difference. so why dose the tables turn when it’s on your side of the pond?

I have black evolve 107mm used wheels, there are some chunks, but that is typical for these wheels. There are 40t printed pulleys installed. IDK for how much these are sold at the moment. Shipping should be around 20 eur within EU.

I want to try pneumatics in 2021, that’s why I’m selling them.

Got some wheels, thread can be closed, thanks guys.