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WTB stuff for budget board [EU]

Hi guys,

Just checking if anyone has anything laying around they are willing to part out with otherwise I will probably buy new parts.
I bought a board, enclosure and battery but I’m pretty much looking for everything else. The board will be a budget commuter so single drive 6374. About 20-25A battery amps so nothing too powerful.


I have a SK3 6374 168KV laying around. Works like a charm, but it has no sensors, so either you drive HFI, sensorless or mod it.

I have a whooshboards mount, a bunch of bent e-caliber hangers or caliber 2s, and 50 degree baseplates. A bolt-on flywheel pulley, or push-fit kegel ones. (36T and 40T)
Probably have matching belts as well, and a 15T alu pulley.

New 190kv Maytech motor, but probably outside your budget.

Still looking!

I still have a 10s4p 30q pack. Around 15 cycles.

It resides in an ecomobl enclosure, maybe u want that?

It’s a custom pack of which the pics can somewhere be found here.

Edit: to clarify it’s not a flexy pack, nor the enclosure is.


Can you dm me pictures of that? and/or give me the dimensions?

Yeah, give me untill tonight

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I failed the deadline. @WilliWonka smoked me out