WTB Stormcore 60D+


Unity bit the dust and I want a Stormcore 60D+ to get my mountain board functional again.

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With the current chip shortage I’d just grab it from here since it’s still possible. About $344 to your door with good customer service.

Hoping to find someone who has one for less than $319

The price before clicking the link was 239 dollars, now I’m disappointed once I clicked on it

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That price is for the 100s unicorn.


don’t think so. try and select the 60D+

Good luck! With the current chip shortage people are gonna hold them. I expect the 60d+ to go the way of the 100d at some point, OOS due to chip shortage.

One day maybe. It went back to the drawing board. I’ve still got mine though


I just went ahead an ordered a new one. Now the question is what enclosure?

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For what board?

Trampa holypro deck with wire channel. My profile pic has it in it.


Do you know stormcore dimensions off hand?

Off the top of my head (yeah frickin right), it has a footprint of 126X70X24mm

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I didn’t actually expect you to know haha. So I heard you put one in a pelican case.
I was thinking of doing the same, but with a seahorse case. I need to figure out how I want to do heatsink for stormcore.

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It was an extremely snug fit and a pain to plug in everything but oh so sexy once finished

I’ve been running a pair of rev1 100S for 12+ months now. Rock solid.

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What can I say? Engineers be engineers :wink:

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what are they

That actually looks like plenty of space. With the Unity(RIP) that was in my current enclosure, I had about 15mm in the front and 10mm on either side of the ESC. No space in the back.