Wtb stiff longboard deck with enclosure used or new any offers!

need a stiff longboard deck above or around 40inch and around or above 9inch

new or used

preferably no or little concave

based in uk/eu

price range of around £50-£100

any offers

please pm me

needs to fit a 12s5p double stacked battery with large bms and 2 vesc6 (the enclosure as in)

thank you in advance

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I’ve got a LY Skate and Explore Evo (39’’/40" depending on who you speak to) 2018

85usd + shipping if you’re interested 🤷

I know you’re across the pond though :thinking:

The lettering isnt scuffed(except for the pictured bit near the nut), its part of the design oddly enough

, if you know how to restore wood even a little (im clueless) these scuffs (except the one near the screw on the bottom) can be ‘fixed’

the white stain on the bottom of the underside of the tail is from an isopropyl alcohol spill :rofl: I suspect you could sand it, but I didnt want to take the chance

Sorry for the weird formatting, I just copy pasted the text from the builders site and re-uploaded the piceroonies

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can you send pics

Edited above post

My favorite deck. It’s like a GT car, fast stable and comfortable. I’ve done 47mph on mine.

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how wide is it

and is it a stiff deck

also what is concave like on it

I never had the pleasure of dual motors on it, but single was still quite fun

It’s around 10 inches wide, the concave is like a really fat sideways parentheses.

It locks my feet in really nicely, and I’ve got fairly large shoes/feet (size 13 )

It’s 100% stiff, no play at all unless you’re bouncing on top of it, and even then it’s minimal

what do you mean by this

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Yeah sorry I was lazy and didn’t want to take a picture. Here’s a (shitty) photo

The concave is sort of w shaped, but the hump in the middle isnt very pronounced.

Here’s another photo from an online skateshop

so will it be waterproof if I use a flat fiberglass enclosure

You should always use a rubber gasket to provide additional weatherproofing, but yeah a flat enclosure would work

That being said, there are specialized enclosures for the Evo. @eBoosted and @BigBen make them

Mine has quad 6374s lol

k cool will look into those

will take if can have it shipped to uk for under 120 dollars or so

Eboosted makes the best enclosures imo

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I’m well aware of your death machine :sob::sob:

I can’t wait to keep up with all the high end builds(not speed wise, I’ll be the first to admit I’m a pussy :joy:) but range and ride comfort wise… Just gotta wait a little longer ;_;

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PM me your zip code so I can get an estimate on postage

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postcode nw110nu

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What does that mean O.o

Y’all dont have a five digit post code?

Let me Google a little…

E: this seems like a better system than what we have… I’ll look into the postage later today :+1:

yep in uk we have 7 digit postcode
NW11 0NU

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