Wtb sealed 170-190kv 6374 8mm

Hey guys lf for 2x sealed 8mm 170-190 kv 6374 motors in EU or maybe even US. Can be used if they are still good.

Maybe there is my hero somewhere or someome knows a shop that has them in stock.


In the us-

do they ship eu? :thinking:



I was just gonna say doesn’t street wing have 190kv


They do, and they won the Paris offload event with them. Although I think the enclosure was the clincher…


Definitely :wink:

thanks guys

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Ever thought about SK8?

They come in 190kV

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definately got 190 kv, we dont have 170 kv at the moment, but expecting stock next week.

although personally i would go for the 190 kv all day long, these motors have got so much torque i doubt you’ll need the extra 170kv motors give. may as well have the extra top end speed

oh for sure ben! :slight_smile:

not only did the aerodynamic design you made for the Street Wing P1 shave seconds off the lap times the sheer awesomeness totally distracted the competing riders costing them seconds

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The 192kV is sold out on the EU stock, only 150kV available. Not sure how long it takes to get them from the other warehouse

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I would prefer 170 its perfect for my setup. @davdBanner do you get the 170 or 190 ones next week?

got 190kv and 170kv inbound

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mine comes in one week from hong kong , and yes , i pay tax :sweat_smile: