WTB: Parts for my son's MTB build

Hey you guys… So my son is starting to outgrow his e-luge board that you may or may not have seen around here:
giphy (2)
giphy (2)

Because of that, he’s considering building his very first stand up board. We’ve currently have the wheels and trucks covered. Don’t worry about how worn or beat up your stuff is. My son is super hard on his gear, so I don’t actually want anything nice.

Here is his wish list:

  • BN motor mounts for Matrix II trucks
  • MTB deck with 30’ tip angle (ideally with low camber)
  • Wheel pulleys for MBS Rockstar hubs (72t or greater)
  • Some kind of cheap VESC (for a 10s or less battery)

Let me know if anyone has any spare parts they would be willing to part with! Thanks a bunch.



good luck with buying what u need, but damn

those looks like smoke trail :rofl:


yeah that turf is not happy :rofl:


What’s your budget?

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Don’t have a specific budget in mind, so not sure. Just shopping at this point in time.

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You’ve already got a few of the things I have but I have a MBS Retaliation complete. No electronics.

Retaliation deck
F5 heel less bindings
Metal Matrix ii trucks
MBS Rockstar ii hubs
Idea MBS mm ii motor mounts
BKB 150mm tires

Also has a vesc enclosure, and a top mounted battery enclosure (can hold a 12s10p with bms)

No battery, no vesc, no remote, no motors

I think I have these

Do they have to be BN? I have a set from another builder that are mounted to some matrix 2s that I may be able to remove. I’m blanking on who makes these

Those mounts look like Lacroix

i suspect that is artifical turf and its rubber crumbs kicking up,ive installed a few,it has these rubber crumbs embeded in the turf,no harm done, corse im wrong all the time


I have had the pleasure of watching this kid tear around turf and streets. He rips!

And dad is a talented builder… It will be fun to see what they come up with :star_struck:


Thanks for the offer man, seriously. Unfortunately I have a strong suspicion that this option will be out of my price range.

No, they don’t have to be BN. I have just had a major issue with belt skip on some previous matrix 2 belt mounts, so I want room for an idler.

Thanks for the offer on both the motor mounts and pullies. My homie @rafaelinmissouri is coming in clutch with everything I need to complete this build, so I should actually close this thread.

Ding ding ding, you nailed it. It’s just the fake dirt (tiny rubber balls) that’s put in astroturf. It’s pretty cool stuff, but gets in everything. Here is a pic of my son’s chair after this little rip session.

Haha thanks man. Looking forward to riding with you some more this season.

@xsynatic would you mind closing this thread? I’ve got what I need now.


Then disregard my message lol.

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I’ve got two sets of Matrix 2 motor mounts not being used. If either set works for your build let me know. You can have them for super cheap.

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Just realized this thread is pending closure :sweat_smile:


No worries man. Thanks again for all the help and support guys! I love this forum.