WTB: New 12s4P Battery 18650 30q

As title Reads, Looking to Replace an Older Enertion 10S4P Pack. for a Luke-E Deck.

Either looking to run another 10s4P /With a Diebie or a 12s/4p with a Flexi-BMS (both BMS owned)

Looking for an experianced Builder in the EU ( most importantly the size must be single stack and as compact as possible)

feel free to leave a Post bellow.


30Q are a little hard to find these days. May need to explore other options for cells.


Molicel P26A is the current stand in for the 30Q…15% less range for 25% more power

At moderate to high current draw the higher current rating will offset the lower capacity and you’ll get the same range


This is correct, But im not in need of more Power. - Range is my focus. - so losing range would be pointless.

the 30Q do preform pretty well on Hubs… im never short of power, but capacity is another story.

Hard to find, but worth putting out the request.


If you draw 10A per cell they are the same


He’s right

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Still Looking for Such a pack, Could be other cells, though my Hubs are pulling 100A Total thus leaning towards 30q vs P26A ( at 10a per cell still maxing at 40A)-60A

Optionally a 2s 4P pack of 30Q to go with my 10s 4p pack could also be an option - though extremely compact

Get one made with tesla model 3 celsz. Dirt cheap, 5ah/cell. Gor a 12s5p in a 110mm thane board thats been string for 2k kilometers. I have some cells and can show u my work if its simething yer into

Woops im not in the eu my bad bud

working with a LUKE-E deck Can either do 10S4P with a DiebieBMS or 12S4P with a Flexibms / Unity/stormcore 60D(+) ?

(Still have to decide on the stormcore only way to fit into the luke Edeck is to slim down the stormcore to PCB and maybe bottom heatsink top heatsink would have to be taken off for height.