[WTB] Mountain board (USA) $1000ish

Looking for a turn key setup. Lets hear what you got!

it’s on our french forum (which got a nice lifting thanks to okp)

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Seems like a good deal but I’m sure shipping to the USA would cost a fair chunk of change and be a huge pain.

get in touch with Cory at Hyper-ion there in Texas


did you check out the trampa side? they have ready boards as well. just add lipos and you good to go, buuuut I have no idea what you looking for. which price range, which terrain, which range etc. so maybe that´s nothing for you

The trampa stuff is super nice, but a little more than what I’m wanting to spend at the moment. I’m more in the diy price range… hahahaha

There is no such thing.


you understood that DIY is usually more expensive than to buy a prebuild? :sweat_smile:

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Just depends on the quality of the components you use… hahahaha

Should probably put location on your post seeing this site has members worldwide. Even better put it on your profile.

You should put a price range for how much you want to spend and please dont tell me under $600

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The two guys that just said diy emtb aren’t cheap are two of the more experienced emtb builders.
Cheap street boards can hold up. Cheap dirt boards will leave you wanting more.


This is just going to be something to play on. I have a onewheel that I also take out from time to time. I may end up building my own board just to say I did it. I can also upgrade as time goes on if it is something that keep my interest. I’ll put a price of $1000, but open to hear options close to that.

Yeah I’m going to say that you are not looking for a mountain board at $1000 most guys here are not going to be letting go of a emtb for a $1000 unless they are getting out and just need it gone or it has been beaten to shit and has some dead electronics ie battery and vesc.

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If you have a onewheel, use that. Hate to say it, but onewheels are high quality and can be beaten to a pulp and still work.

If you want an MTB for 1000, you might as well go onto diyeboard for something that will barely last a couple months. If you want to build a street board, you can do that for cheap(er that an MTB).


I just saw a backfire ranger for sale on fb for $800. I think that will be your closest to a emtb for that kind of money.


What is the name of that group?

Electric skateboard buy and sell USA

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I spent $1000 to start my mountain board build(functional but performance is shit). Finished with $3000 total I think.