[WTB] Metroboard 155 or Trampa 165 in US

just wanted better price for the 165 and not pay 32 euros to ship.


He has abandoned this forum

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Who is the self appointed cop? :joy: he’s got a point, albeit atrociously spelled.

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He posted animal gore in pictures and nothing else and got mad when we flagged it.


Just to flex I have a set of both these tires :joy:


Ed - I got a set of 165’s that aren’t too chewed up yet. text me if you want emm. wasn’t gunna sell emm but for you I can part with them

you can’t have any of my 155’s :face_in_clouds:

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funny that a living tranqulized lion my exwife was treating is " animal GORE"? in any case no big deal, i wish you all well @Evwan

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.


I have a slightly used metro 155 set plus a brand new spare, can send pictures if needed. Would be from USA though.



Send me the set he doesnt get

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I have 4 of the Trampa 165mm tires (6.5inch) in black!

Haven’t used them just tried to put on my hubs and they don’t fit… Are you in the US?

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