(WTB) mbs matrix trucks/motor mounts, flux deck/enclosure, Hoyt Puck, Flipsky 6384 motors, spot welder

Configuring my first 12s8p P42A build and was wondering if anyone has these parts before i buy brand new. Located in Canada.

  • Flux AT2 Deck + Enclosure

  • x2 Flipsky 6384 190KV motors (or 170kv)

  • MBS Metal Matrix II Trucks + compatible motor mounts

  • Bluetooth 12s BMS

Other parts I need but not as urgent

  • Hoyt puck + receiver
  • Stormcore 60d+ but will more than likely just buy this brand new

I do and I am in the middle of putting a large sale post together as we speak. Happy to give you first dibs on the items you need if you want. Ill tag you in the sale post once it’s done shortly. Prolly in the next hour or two hopefully… I don’t have it all but I have a basically brand new flux deck and enclosure, MBS Matrix 2 hangars (a few black ones), and I will have motor mounts for the hangars as well once my new ones I ordered last week arrive. They are the original mounts that came with the lacroix prototipio when it came out. LMK…


Sounds perfect let me know if u got prices & pics

check dm’s or my post that I just put up. LMk

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These should work for belt drive with BN motor mounts. Also they’re cheaper and faster arriving than anywhere else. FS 6384 Battle Hardened Brushless Outrunner Motor (4000W) 140Kv/170Kv/190Kv

I also have 2 BN caliber II idler motor mounts as well as a stormcore 60d+ I can sell you. All of which are brand new.