WTB Lux Lt Battery

I know it’s a long shot, but I’m looking for a 10s1p battery for a lux lt. I got the board for free due to a bad battery. I can’t find anything online that matches up, so if anyone has a battery or know where I can get one, let me know. Thanks

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Wel its only 10 cells… shouldn’t be too much work to retrofit something

I finally found a similar battery from jking boards out of China. I’ll have to splice and butt connect some wires but it should fit and work. Please delete this topic.

I do really not recommend buying a 10s1p out of china. Check the battery builders club on the forum. They will get you a way better bang for your buck.

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I have some 7s batteries which came with junk Jking boards.
One of them i bought as a non op parts only board for 36$.
It had a failed Battery.

One cell measured 0.24v, the other 6 were at 4.0v.

The bad cell had its steel plated nickel balance lead spot welded to bms circuit board, and they missed.

The 18650 cells were BFN, 2000mah 10 amp CDR.

I turn them into two 3s1p packs with a non balancing bms. One pack staYs pretty well balanced, the other has one cell which drifts 100mv off the other two in about 10 cycles.

The bms often cuts out early, on discharge one cell measures 3.21, the other 2 @ 3.56.

My other Jking battery is a 7s2p. I trimmed the heatshrink around the bms.
Balance wires crammed loosely under heatshrink, mm away from unprotected sharp nickel strip. I protected those leads as best i could and kapton taped them immobile, and the Battery has been reliable and only now showing obvious capacity loss after about 200 cycles.

I have 3 7s chargers. All claim 29.4v max. every one starts out above 30v before first use, and 29.84v after firat use. They will all happily bring the cells over 4.20v.

The red light turns green as soon as amps tper from 0.33 to 0.32. They will just keep holding them at 29.83v forever. I use an xl4005 CCCV bucker inline to limit max voltage to 29.39v.

I do not trust the batteries or the chargers provided with these budget boards, and wish to remove them from service pronto.

The inexpensive cells they use might even be reclaimed rewrapped junk with a fraction of their rated capacity remaining.

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