WTB: LLT BMS or 12bms compatible with metr pro (EU/UK)

Planning to build 2 12s packs this weekend in need of 1 to 3 LLTs preferably in the uk but eu is fine.

thanks in advance Tank

@ApexBoards have what you’re after!


Also has these in stock now
Edit: nvm ur in uk, Lee is ur best choice !


i was planning on getting them from @ApexBoards as they are less than a 20min drive away, i had inquired about picking up, but before they responded they just ran out of stock, i dont know when they will get some back in but i doubt it will be too soon

i will look in to them now, tanks!

Damn bro. Lucky you :ok_hand:

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I have one brand new that I am not using.

50e shipped to uk from Belgrade, Serbia.


Hey bro, our restock is due in on Friday, if it comes I can sort you 2 out this weekend? of course a small discount is in order for your patience.


Ohh awesome, Thank you. let me know if they do arrive on Friday and i will head over on the weekend if that works?

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Will do bro

Save your money just get a charger bms are a bit over rated. I just use a charger. And every now and again I will balance the pack using a balancer. If out which is very rare.

Here come the haters :slight_smile:

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lol. i could… but its a 12s 10p pack and i want to be able to monitor it constantly just to be safe as possable.

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That is awful advice


Seen lots people don’t use bmss

I use a charger, and a balancer my pack very very rarely needs balancing :grin:

i dont think ive even seen a new build on here with out a bms…

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a few people who know well what they are doing dont use BMS. Sure its possible but that doesn’t mean its a good idea to recommend it as a solution to new builders.

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also at that point of having to buy a 12s balance charger, that far exceeds the cost of a bms and 50.4v power supply

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Will post a pic of my balancer later.

I meant to say there is an alternative bms are of course safe, but there is an alternative you can get away from bms, s and save money

of course, but under any kind of meaningful load they will start to stray and if not balance charged every now and then, the pack will become dangerous . and since i don’t own a 12s balance charger unless i split the pack it to 2 6s packs i wouldn’t be able to balance charge


feel free to correct me above btw, i don’t really have loads of experience with high amp packs just bigger ones from reclaimed cells, power back up’s ect