WTB lithium brick battery pack (w enclosure)

Nothing too crazy, at least 36v/8.0 Ah/300Wh
I’m in the U.S. and looking for something under $200

Good luck mate. :joy: a decent enclosure will be at least 40.

battery alone i would estimate you’re looking at $2-300 for 10s2p

under 200 for the battery, idk how to edit the title

I have a 10s5p battery for $100 ish but no enclosure for it


Jump on this 4 show

Agreed, @Skyart makes some amazing packs.

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Thank you for the compliment! This is not built by me, I did inspect it to make sure it’s whole and functions and is balanced. It came out of a metro board, likely China built

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Mr. Artem also gives you the good deals… say daddy….