WTB: Hummie Hub kit / Raptor 2.1 kit or 6374 motor kit [ US ]

Waiting on @hummieee new motors to be finished but in the meantime, I’m bored of my carvons so looking for something a bit more fun and torquey to keep my attention till John’s new motor drops.

I’m in NY so please let me know what you guys have.


Interested in hummies as well, if anyone has another set after OP gets sorted out :thinking:

I have a R-SPEC drive kit new in box.

I got the bundle with unity, I think $100 off. But I think Enertion always exaggerated on currency exchange rates so probably paid more than stated. But, I’d say about $540 for the drive kit.

But I’m guessing you’re not looking for new in box full price.

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Appreciate the offer but you are right in assuming that I’m not interested in a brand new kit, especially with completes being sold for near pricing.