WTB High Voltage ESC Introductory Electrical Engineering Project Minimum 20s

I am searching for 2 High Voltage ESCs for an engineering project, capable of at least 80 amp continuous. If anyone has something similar lying around I’d love to hear from you.

Just curious, do you need 2 single HV escs or would a dual suffice?


2 singles would be best for my application but Id like to know what you have.

Unfortunately nothing. Just clarifying so others may be able to help.


I don’t have anything on hand, but these just came out and are fairly cheap compared to other 20s ESCs:

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how high r we talking about?

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Minimum 20s

Not sure how up to date you are but these are from the last couple of months and claim up to 21S. Dual ESC and a bit pricier than the spintends though

I think the only issues spotted with these so far are their implementation of phase filtering (or lack thereof). That could be the D75 only though.

Anyone know if the single spintends are as prone to fires as the dual?

You build a full sized car?

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80A cont isn’t that crazy, at 20S it’s only about 7kw of power (~9hp)

Indeed not an American car