WTB Freebord S2 Bindings


I’m looking to add a set of Freebord S2 bindings (or similar) to my build. Located in US, domestic is preferred, but I don’t really mind buying internationally either.


I’ve got an unused set you can buy for $55 USD plus shipping. I’m in Australia.


Yobis are an option if you have access to a 3d printer

I have some that I’m not using… Where are you located?

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Have anyone still free set of Freeboard for sell ?

Maybe still on sell …and you’ve got some binding and the freeboard for the price of the binding

Is you freebord s2 bindings still available?

Hey Im in Melbourne, Do you still have those bindings??

Do you still have a set? Im in aus

@Ariajiv @Tribs nope, went to some of the local Melbourne crew.

Thanks for the reply. I found one now.

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