Also, do I have to have a unity switch? Mine will be connected directly to my batteries. I turn the board on and off by unplugging them

You can short the unity switch so it will turn on with your battery. I haven’t done this so I don’t remember which pins need to be shorted off the top of my head. I’m sure you can find it if you search “unity switch short pins”

Will this work. I have jst plug that I should be able to pull the wires that I dont need out of

And could you send pic of switch plug?

Yep that’s right

alright, so I need to take a 5 pin jst and do what the picture shows


Is it regular JST, or a subcategory size

I’ll go measure for you, please hold.

2 mm pin spacing so Jst PH

I don’t have the original bluetooth that it come with, just the Metr module. So that means I can’t use focbox UI?

Not sure on that one, I haven’t used the metr module.

Maybe @longhairedboy knows and can chime in here haha.

I also need to know if the hall sensors for my turnigy sk8 6374 motors will plug directly into ESC or if I need adapters

I think you can. but I’m guessing. I asked for confirmation in the metr thread.

I know you can setup your board using the metr app. it has support for unity. I did it in a pinch from ios version.

focbox ui from a mac (compiled) can connect to and configure a unity using a metr module. and I think it’s the same QT codebase to used to make the android app so I think it should work unity app to metr module to unity.

Appreciate you checking.

He just said he asked for you in the thread he linked :wink:

Sweet. What else do I need to know? This is a whole different ballgame than the flipsky 6.6 dual, but I don’t want to support that company at all. However, I do still have a flipsky vx1 remote I think I’d like to use with this ESC if I can. Need to know if it’s compatible and how to connect it

Also what fuse did you use as a replacement for battery gauge?

No need to worry about that unless it’s blown right? Ask me if it ever happens and I’ll look it up.

Appreciate it. I’ll have the 6.6 dual as backup too. I need to figure out what remotes I can use with the unity as well.