[WTB] FOCBOX new or used

So guys a quick summary. I reconnected some wires and did some fine tuning on my board. Then connected the METRPRO app after having everything setup but then my FOCBOX got bugged. Tried flashing the bootloader and firmware but nothing works. Quite hopeless so here I am wanting to buy a FOCBOX form YOU (probably)! :slight_smile:
Looking for a used or new one both are fine. As long as it is in a good condition Europe is a big preference and The Netherlands even more. Hit me up if you have got one.

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Maybe sent the one you have for repair?
@seaborder should soon have some used focboxes available and he is in EU.

To whom do you recommend me sending a focbox? I dont know anyone who repairs them. Should I send one to @seaborder?

I would sent him a pm with some pictures of the focbox.
He can repair vescs but not sure that he has time at the moment.
If I remember right he also has some focboxes for sale or will have, so it´s worth a try.

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thanks @Andy87 for answering already :slight_smile:

Yeah so I ve got a package of focboxes here. I need to check them all today/tomorrow and after that I will sell them about 90ish euros per unit. They should be ready for shipping the comming days.

I can check/repair your broken box also but I need pictures first.

Also EU

@Andy87 is a great guy, sometimes I dont need to answer anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin:


They call me the sales Manager…you can pay me with vesc repairs later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@seaborder K thanks for the quick reply man. I appreciate it. I will send you some PM`s regarding the broken FOCBOX :slight_smile: Hopefully you can get it fixed :smiley:

Please hit me up if you are going to sell a FOCBOX I would like to buy one from you just to be sure as a back-up for the ones I have got now.


Thanks to you too @Andy87 andy :slight_smile:


@epster so the focbox (1.6v) you need is ready to ship here at my table :slight_smile: Want to have it now?

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