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WTB Flipksy vx2 remote (or something else decent)

Hi guys, I’m looking for a flipsky vx2 remote and a 200A enhanced flipsky anti spark switch. The shipping on their site for the two items isn’t terrible but I figured I would post on here incase anyone had any other good remote ideas. I really like the ebolve gtr remote with the trigger style and it feels really good but it’s expensive. So I’m open to others opinions and options

The vx2 is plagued with issues. Get a vx1, or get a Hoyt puck.


this is the correct answer :rofl: or maybe PPB

It’s pretty expensive, and the vx1 is fine. Even in a crowded city it’s not too bad. If you can afford it get a puck 100% tho

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sure it is, but a puck isn’t just a remote, the last time i went superman, the puck kinda saves my right palm also, i landed on the puck directly

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Just ordered the vx1. Figured I would see how i like it, if it’s not for me than I will upgrade to the puck lol but I want to at least try it first before going knee deep into my wallet for a remote

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if u have a 3d printer, u can print the puck shell and have a feel if u like it or not, same for PPB

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