[WTB EU] XT90 Panel holder

Looking for something like this, got no 3dprinter or anywhere with one sadly

Not looking for something crazy fancy.


tagging @legend27

(except if you didn’t print the gt2b mod yourself :smiley: )


This is Mike’s one @mmaner

I’m sure someone local to you could print it.

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Live in a somewhat small city, no one around here owns printers and in these corona times i cant even go to the the ones that have :confused:

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Not sure if this ships outside U.S. - but maybe? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Threaded-Panel-Mount-XT90-Connector/173642976732?hash=item286ded8ddc:g:GEUAAOSwFWVZl22N

Thanks for tag :slight_smile:

I printed it myself.

My local library also has a 3D printer, yours might have one as well @Lumaci? But they’re closed now, of course…

Otherwise I could possibly print one, however tbh I’m not quite sure if I’d wanna go through the pain of shipping just this small item. Would possibly only be if I had to ship something else too…

Not that I’m busy, just have to go by my work to print label. It easily takes half an hour to 1 hour… So yea, I’m kinda lazy…

Also I’m only able to print in PLA.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like a douche bag, but just wanted to be honest. I think the best option for now will be to wait and see if anyone else offers you help, otherwise I would update if things change :slight_smile:


They have a printer, but its gonna cost aprox 200DKK here for some reason lol.

Coolrunner.dk label less system no need to print just write the 9 numbers on the pack and get it away but its all good :slight_smile:

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I had two sets of these printed by a friend: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3449247

The set includes an XT90 panel mount and a loop key holder. I probably won’t actually need two sets so if it would be any use for you, you can have one set.

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I can print one for you in black petg, I just printed one for myself:

Send me a pm with the thingiverse link of the exact one you want and your address if you want me to print it.