[WTB] [EU] Pulleys for MBS Rockstar II

As the title suggests, anybody got a set of pulleys for MBS Rockstar II in a reasonable price?
They seem to be out of stock everywhere in EU? :triumph:

I have lacroix ones. 72t I think and metal. How much do you wanna pay? I am UK based too which will obviously add to shipping

I 've seen yours but I was thinking more like 50€ for a set of plastic MBS ones. Lacroix is still quite out of my budget, but thanks!

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I have aluminum 70T ones from Moon, 90€ + shipping

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I know that some are not fan of 3D printed products, but I do believe that’s the most budget option. Many people including myself have been running 3D printed wheel pulleys with no problem. There are few good designs on the thingiverse