[WTB][EU] Parts for Project: 6380/6384, Decks


I am getting into a new small project and I have most of the parts, so before I ordered the ones I am missing I though I could post it here:

For a single drive commuter I am in need of:

  • A good 6380 or 6384 motor, flipsky battle hardened or TB prefered
  • Maybe a deck such as tayto, omakase, poke… 32 to 35 inches with tail
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Pm me bud think i got something to suit you

Does it need to hold the weight of the components, or can it just be a cover? I have a crappy plastic one I could let go of for free

Whats the size? I could probably make use of it if size is okk ^^

(don’t buy this new, it’s garbage)

Yupp, works for the single stack ^^


Still looking


Still looking!!


To the tooo


Bought a 6384 on aliexpress and after 2 months waiting something went wrong they refunded the money…

Anyone has one?? ^^