[WTB][EU][MTB] Looking for parts, trucks, wheels, dual vesc 6.6

Hey, looking for used parts to build an e-mtb, preferably used trucks, wheels, DUAL vesc 6.6 and other parts on budget. I will also consider top mount enclosures. EU ship would be best.

@I’ve already got deck, battery and motors with drive train.

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Makerx dual v6 vesc

Price with EU shipping?

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They only sell single vecs 6 for like 130$ shipped each

And vesc 4 dual for like 150$ shipped for the dual

If I’ll be up to new ones I will just pick flipsky 6.6 $199 for dual, but as I am on budget - looking for second or third hand parts.

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I got a set of E-toxx chain drive if you’re looking for transmission. Way sturdier than belt drive and cheaper than gear drives

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@Mainflow was selling a flipsky vescs If you want

However before getting any flipsky product just look at the reviews you’re life isn’t worth an extra 100$

With motors they aren’t so bad (mine working well after like 500miles)

But with vescs it really seems to be a 50/50

Your choice though

Jep. Working flawlessly. 200km so far.

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I’ve got their’s 6374 motors, was lucky enough to get pair with well glued magnets. About VESCs and antisparks, - antispark already tried to kill me, so he went to trash. About vesc - I’ve got 2x 4.12, but programmed them in FOC mode, both died after one day of intense usage. Friends of mine are using 6.6 which seems to work really good even after 2000 km.

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As I said it’s pure luck sometimes you get a good one

Sometimes you get a bad one

95€+shipping and it is yours

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Still looking for dual VESC 6.6, mtb trucks and wheels.

o got all trampa trucks and motormounts ,motors etc for sale

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Pm me dude


hey I opened another account because i had to wait till tomorrow to answer

Michstow@gmail.com mate for the trampa gear

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I’ve mailed you.

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