[WTB] [EU] Looking for a DieBieMS

Hey guys,

looking for a DieBieMS or other good BMS board, used or new.

Best regards,

contact this guy on the dark side

he helped me so see what he can do for you

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where you located?

I’m from Germany :slight_smile:

Hey me too.
Us or eu. I just want one

It looks good but Tbh. I wouldn’t know what to do with it lmao


For sale?

They look intimidating at first but they’re barely more complicated than a normal BMS. Some got shipped without functional firmware but that’s easy to update.

The biggest issue is the documentation is lacking. I should clean up my notes and post a how-to guide… Yeah. I’ll do that.


Please do.
I don’t Wanna go read on builders. Lol


Yes sr. It is

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Hey, just saw this. Is it still up for sale? Whats your price including shipping to germany?

I’m interested it it also if u still have it and he dosent want it. I’m in so cal @CiscoV

I’m interested but I need like a week. So I understand if he doesn’t wanna wait.

Mabe you can check your notes and add in to the google doc any thing you fined that could be usefull


@CiscoV did you sell the DieBieMS?

Yes I did

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Still looking for a DieBieMS…message me if you have a spare one :slight_smile: