[WTB] EU E-Bike shizz, Motor, throttle etc

I’ve got a Gudereit LC-30 (evo?) Bike that i want to turn into a hub drive, preferably front drive because i then don’t have to mess with gearing shit in the back.

The bike doesn’t need to be super powerful, just needs to get me up some hills and push my lazy fat ass a bit faster than i can pedal.

Plan is: use my old batteries, a single focbox and metr to limit speed if popo is near.

What I need: a reliable ebike hub motor and a throttle. Motor does not need to be sensored as i will pedal to start anyway.

Edit: needs to be brake disc compatible

I prefer a thumb throttle over twist.

Lemme know if you have something (possibly from the Bafang clearance motors from 1 or 2 years ago?) Not sure how they held up. @Venom121212 didn’t you have one/your wife used it until she didn’t like the ebike?

The bike in question:

Front fork:

Also, if you have any objections about my decisions, please let me know.


I too am looking for a vesc compatible bike throttle. Interested to see where this goes


u need to know the distance here to know which hub would fit, most bike have slightly narrower in front

random front fork, not the exact one u have

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What distance specifically?

Red,green? Both?

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where it says 9x100mm at the bottom, the suspension tube could also interfere with the hub


Yeah I have an extra one of those hubs laying around and they’re plenty powerful and fun. It came on a 26" tire so make sure that’s what you have if you’re planning on using it on your bike of choice. Or else you will have to get it re-laced at a bike shop.

I just used a silver mystery box esc/throttle/display combo dealie that was around $90 usd. I had a cheap 10s pack I slapped on the back of the bike and it worked great with minimal effort.

It has a disc brake on the hub but I actually ditched it to free up some more fork space for the torque arm piece (stops hub and axle from spinning freely in the fork under higher torque). I never used my front brakes as a kid and never really used them on this bike either. Maybe I’d need it if I was going way faster but the rear brake was enough for me.

I freaking loved the bike except that it was a beach cruiser style and the long handlebars would almost touch my balls on hard turns. I thought it would be super fun for picnics and family rides but wifey is super short and needs a teen bike to feel comfortable apparently. My neighbor was in love with it and bought it after one ride. I see her riding it all the time and she tells me how much she loves it every time we talk.

As far as vesc throttle handshakes, I believe any ADC hall throttle will play nicely with vesc ADC input mode. I did consider 3d printing a holder for an esk8 remote to put on the handlebar though :joy:


This is correct.

I put a vesc in a scooter and used ADC1 for the throttle and adc2 for the brake.

Works great


Granted if the vesc has 2 adc ports, right? The focbox only have one so I’ll be giving up on regenerative braking which isn’t a deal breaker.

I have two throttles I used for my kickboard experiment :slight_smile:

You can have one for free if you want :slight_smile:


yes, but u don’t need the 2nd adc port if u don’t plan on using regen as brake


I would use it if i had a second port…soo :rofl:

But no big deal, my pedaling is so tuned that i often only need to brake very little anyway.


i think u can use the ppm port, but it would be a hassle

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That would be great! If you could hold onto it for me until everything is set i stone then I’d come back to you on that offer!

I’ll measure the handlebar later and check if anything needs to be modified.

I have one of those 40 dollar bafang clearance front wheels, but I dont have a box and I dont know how the fuck id get it to germany :rofl:

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Are you sure the focbox has only one ADC? I used a FSESC 4.12 with both ADC1 and 2. Focbox pinout googling returned pictures indicating theres ADC2.

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It has an ADC2 pin, yes. I thought adc2 is a port on it’s own (E-Bike noob here)

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I dont know anything about the focbox but the I configured the second adc to cut throttle so you can’t throttle and use the physical brakes at the same time.

With physical brakes I would maybe not do regen at all since you aren’t going to get much extra range for it and it puts the batteries and vesc under more wear and tear.

Edit just saw the pic you posted of the focbox…

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26" :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ll check later if mine even has 28" lol

you can use adc1 for the throttle and adc2 for a small thumb throttle for regen brake :person_shrugging:


This requires a brake sensor, right?

Agree with this. Regen is very low on my must have list.

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