[WTB EU] DieBieMS 0.9+

If somebody sneakily has a 0.9(or even the newer experimental one) in a full set, I would happily take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

Preferably new, but can be a tiny bit used, if confirmed fully working.

Shipping to EU, Lithuania.

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I got two mint 0.8s in SoCal I’m listing soon.

Gear from 3dservisas survives the journey to California. The reverse should be true.

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Do they work on 13s? Or only 12s tops? :crazy_face::love_you_gesture:t4:

I am interested!
What’s been improved on the newer versions?

I dunno. Mine is batch 2. Maybe batch 3 is 0.9?

I want to say up to 14s there are 16 pins on the balance connector

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Hmm… If someone knows if it definitely works on 13s then I’ll take one…

I may also be interested in one of those.

I don’t have the time to DiY a bms.

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No, it will only work up to 12s. The other pins on the connector are for external temperature sensors.


Thank u for correction

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No problem. Its kind of irritating when you have more pins available on a connector that looks like it is only used for the balancing leads.

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I always assumed it was higher when I was daydreaming builds when stuck in meetings I shouldn’t be in.

Hello, is the DieBieMS still for sale?
If so, I would love to buy one for myself.