WTB EU: 6374 130-150 kv motors and 2 vescs

I just need two motors and two vescs and then i will have all the parts for my MTB. Im looking for two 6374 motors with a kv between 130 and 150. Additionally, I would like two vescs preferably focbox. Let me know if you have some for sale! Thanks! And btw here are my sexy trampa parts :smirk:

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If you good with epoxy and battle harden motors than Alien power system gives a good selection of different kV and motors but don’t order if they on backorder as it can take looong. Hobbyking sk3 sensorless or sk8 sensored are a good option as well available in different kV or rebranded maytechs like from unik boards as sealed sensored version.


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@mmaner thread can be closed btw :ok_hand: