WTB - EU - 6354/6355 - motors or full drivetrain

Just sold my direct drive because i can’t plan ahead for 2 cents.And now i’m on the market for a drivetrain for a small build

Probably gonna take this mech kit : https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/kits/products/dual-mechanical-kit-save-20

So looking for a place in europe where i could buy flipsky range of price, motors without the 1month + of frustration. Or if anyone around here has either a two motors or a full drivetrain for sell,.

I have 2 used Torqueboards 6355 motors; 1 is newer, 1 older; the older one has the can a bit loose from the shaft; so it will slightly move every time you start accelerating / start braking. Unfortunately I don’t have a good ESC to test them at the moment :confused:

I also have 2 torqueboards mounts and blue caliber 2 trucks. mounts are definitely better than the eboardsolution ones. Also have black 90mm 78A Popoca wheels, or blue caguamas to offer. Haven’t made a sale thread for these things because I had plans to use them, but if you need them, I can let go of them.