WTB: Dual VESC 4.12 (or 2 singles)

I’m looking to replace the dead ESC in my hub motor guest board with literally any inexpensive VESC. If you have a pair of working VESCs or a dual VESC you can part with for under $75 please PM me.

$40 bc of black friday sale, pretty solid deal


Was going to mention the TB sale as well, I second that.

Those will last forever if you run them at 10S and <25A (battery max)


That’s a pretty great deal although I have had some previous bad experiences with torqueboards so I’ll use that as a last resort - its VERY tempting though.

i have 2 maytech escs that have never been run. but honestly the tb deal is too good i prolly wouldnt be saving you any money over it

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