WTB dual esc/unity/anythingthathelps

Anyone have a spare dual esc/unity/ 2x singles they would rather sell to this poor bastard than leave it in a drawer gathering dust while they think of one day making a 4wd?

Dont know how to bump this up but I still need them :slight_smile:

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Bumperoo is always better than a new topic :slight_smile:

About to lose to hope :confused:

You can get 2x FSESC 4.12 for $67 each on eBay

Dont forget I’m Canadian…all those prices are different to me :slight_smile:

Oof you right

Just checked and ranges between 89 and 145$ a piece + shipping for me. Ebay doesn’t like me much XD

And that’s just for the 4.12 … 6.6 ranges closer to 400+

Yikes…it’s like $65 and $2 shipping here

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From China to Canada means Ebay takes a chunk and then Canada takes another for taxes…so guess its logical for them to up the prices…at my expense.

And if I buy from a store that knows about Quebec taxes, that’s another 9.975% of taxes on top of it all :frowning:

I suppose it’s not much cheaper to have someone in the US forward it?

Not sure about that. There’s the risk of customs not believing it’s a gift and adding import charges

And even then, 67usd comes to 87.43cdn before it has even crossed the border

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