WTB defective TB6380 190KV

Hi there
One of my tb6380s have gotten a lot of loose magnets, and just sheared the metal holders in the can.
Im betting stator is fine, and I just need a new can.
TB doesn’t support my purchase anymore, so I’m left to fend for my self.

Do you have a defective motor, but with an ok working can? Hit me up :slight_smile:

For those interested in the damage.

I think either 170 or 190 kv can will work for you.
I doubt there’s a difference.

We sometimes change can sizes is what I mentioned. So you couldn’t just replace a can with another motor. You can try but it’s probably best to simply purchase a new one. A can is almost half the cost of a motor. We do have spare retainer rings if you want one. Just pay for shipping.


Aw man. It should be free :love_you_gesture:t3::rofl:


@deecept just wait for black Friday then shoot @torqueboards an email :joy:


Hi man. You know I’ve had issues with the motors we’ve bought from TB… So offering at least the retainer rings is alright. However, if shipping is $60 regardless (per our last chat on the web page) I think I’ll pass.

Also, buying more motors when the 6 we have bought had one sort of issue or another, with little to no support from you guys doesn’t really sound inviting :b

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